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Parent's Testimonials

Cheryl Hebb​

​My son Nathan has been taking martial arts classes from Master Ali for 5 ½ years.  Nathan has anxiety and struggled to start at a new school. Master Ali was so patient with him, he organized it so Nathan would have a private class with him to start. The private was scheduled ½ hour before group class was to start. As the kids arrived for group class Master Ali asked them to join Nathan. Before Nathan knew it, he was in group class and was happy to be there. Nathan loves classes with Master Ali, he has learned so much about himself as a young man. Ali not only has taught him skills but also self-defense, how to stand up for himself and what to do when faced with a bully. Nathan will follow Master Ali where ever he goes for classes as his style and respect for his students is amazing. He meets each student where they are at and challenges them when he can, demands respect from them always and encourages them to respect themselves, their parents, their teachers and others. We are so glad we found Ali and that Nathan has the opportunity to learn from him.


Great with kids, generous and fun.  Graced with the parents.  This is Master Ali. 

The kids respect him and have a blast doing karate, not knowing all the benefits they are gaining....but as parents, we do.  Thank you for that Master Ali.  "Osu"\

Kathy (Sam's Mom)

Our son has been taking martial arts from Master Ali for 5 years now.  Ali focuses a great deal on respect and confidence, and the classes have helped our son tremendously to gain self confidence.  The physical fitness aspect have been wonderful to build strength and coordination which have helped him in his other sports as well.

Ali has a patience and understanding of youth that shows through in his classes, he works hard to teach the kids not only to learn the different self defence stances and karate moves , but he also teaches kids to treat others in life with respect and courtesy.

I would highly recommend Martial arts Kids and Teens Academy, I believe it is an important learning resource for our kids in the community, and one that teaches the importance of strength as well as respect

The Wishart Family

​​​Our son Daniel has been training at Vancouver Martial Arts Kids and Teens for the past 5 years.  The students of the club not only learn the karate and self-defence techniques but they are also taught to respect their families, teachers, friends and each other.  Master Ali cares for physical and emotional well-being of his students.  We highly recommend his club.

Van & Sarah

Master Ali's class is extraordinary in that he not only teaches but mentors. The small class size allows for focused and well paced instructions; and the interactions have clear emphasis on the students' physical and mental fitness in equal measure.  We  endorse Master Ali's teaching style because our 5-year-old son learns martial art techniques while being surrounded by respectful and disciplined children and their involved parents.  Most importantly, our son enjoys his growing agility and abilities to face different situations confidently.

Jillian and Ryan Christison

Master Ali is a fantastic teacher and mentor. Our son has been coming to karate for two months now and has fun learning a new skill while gaining both self confidence, and discipline. Ali has an incredibly balanced approach to teaching when working with children and as a dance instructor myself, I would highly recommend his teaching skills. Thank you Ali

Rita Pasilla

My son Samuel has been attending to Martial Arts for kids and Teens already 4 consecutive years. We have found this great Karate Instructor whose name is Ali better know as “Master Ali”. My family and I have followed his steps where ever he has gone. Now, that he is having back his space for teaching, he has grown in popularity for his extremely good work and has become better known in the Blueridge and Deep Cove community.

He has a special talent teaching those children, not only the great sport that Karate is, he models and teaches life skills that will help our children to become healthy, happy, well behave human beings that seek their own personal success by helping and serving others.

I recommend Martial Arts for kids and Teens, it has been the best thing that has happen to my son. He looks forward every class as well as helping Master Ali in any way he is able and it is commanded.

Martial Arts for kids and Teens is the #1 academy for your child!


We had a habit of alternating kids' activities every term, but since we started martial arts with Master Ali last year we knew this was a keeper. When you find the perfect coach, you don't let go! My two older children are regulars and my youngest can't wait to join next year. 

The class is a perfect balance of flexibility, technique, endurance, self-defence, discipline, values, and fun! We are so thankful to be part of such a wonderful environment. Thank you Master Ali!


My boys have been part of this amazing family for a year now and they are better people for it. 

Their confidence , kindness, respect and physical health have improved immensely .

They look forward to each and every class with excitement and desire to learn more.

Thank you for amazing work that you do Master Ali Self-defence in North Vancouver BC Martial Arts 4 All in North Vancouver mma

Magnus Greave

"Master Ali has been amazing in teaching my sons the disciplines of martial arts in a way that can be applied in their daily lives. They are physically and mentally stronger after joining Master Ali's class and they enjoy pushing themselves every session. I would recommend the class to all parents and children."

Kynda (Student)

I love martial arts with Master Ali because it's fun, interesting, and usually tiring.. I dont mind though, I love challenges!

I can't wait to earn my next belt and learn a back flip. It always boosts my confidence when someone says good job or good work keep it up! Every body​ in class knows me and I know them. Part of the fun is when we take the gym balls and start playing with them before class. I love martial arts and will always love it. Thank you Master Ali and everybody in class