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​​​​​​​​778-318-5126 BC Martial Arts 4 All


BC Martial Arts 4 All in North Vancouver and Coquitlam




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Master Ali 1778 318 5126

Master Ali 1778 318 5126

Our style

BC Martial Arts 4 all


Our style

At BC Martial we Mixed fun warm-up, Non-aggressive wrestling, and Martial arts Self for kids and Teens.

we have 15 Non-aggressive self defence, lots of street defence and 3 Martial Arts form

We Train on a 12-belt system,

Each belt level taught a new technique and refreshed on the belt level techniques prior to ensure we don't neglect or forget the basics of what have learned. Through out our time at the certain level we receive three progress checks by the instructor.

This is done so that if there are any concerns regarding the students training or understanding of techniques and execution it can be dealt with by his or her instructor

Each progress check will take the student closer and closer to their testing, so they may advance to the next level


Non Aggressive Martial Arts

Front kick practice 

Kids self defence and jumping

Block and Attack

Martial Arts Techniques

Martial Arts is FUN!

Kids Workout



Kids Sparring Class


Kids Class

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Martial Arts 4 Kids

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Important things to know about B.C. Martial Arts 4 All Academy

  • Age range: 5 - 10 and 11 -17
  • Certified instructors
  • Instructors have First Aid certificates 
  • Students will get certificates and rewards for their belt testing
  • No registration fee 
  • No obligation to purchase the Martial Arts equipment from us
  • High quality training 
  • Classes combine elements of discipline and fun 
  • Free parking
  • No contract